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Knowing how to read graphs is a common core skill. To make graphs more meaningful for our students, how about if we let them create the surveys and gather the data. After data has been collected, the students can then create graphs to display the data they gathered. This project can be as high tech or as low tech as you would like it to be.
These are the steps my students will be following for this project (some parts high tech, some parts low tech):

  1. Create survey questions in their notebooks and type them into a Google form.
  2. Then we will tweet out the links to the surveys to a global audience.
  3. Take the information from the Google spreadsheets and create bar graphs on poster boards.
  4. Share our graphs with other classes via a Google Hangout.
external image 2012-11-04_GraphProject-300x216.png
external image 2012-11-04_GraphProject-300x216.png

How do you see this project working for you and your students? Will they create their surveys as a Word document? Will they personally interview people to get answers to their survey questions or will they use an online web tool like Survey Monkey? Will they use an online graphing program to create their graphs or draw them by hand? How will they share their results with others?
My students will be adding their surveys, graphs, and pictures for this project to this wiki page –
If you would like to respond to our surveys, they are listed below.
Survey 1
Survey 2
Survey 3
Survey 4