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Readers' Theater
Looking to share your creative interpretation of a favorite story? Would you like to take turns participating with another class in a Reader’s Theater? This month our project focuses on the art of storytelling by sharing a Reader’s Theater play. Sign up to share your class play or collaborate with another classroom to put on a cross- state play! Take a look at the various resources to find a particular play of interest, or create your own using a literary text- the choice is yours! Sign up to explore, create and share the joy of storytelling and participate in the Global Collaborative Network’s Reader’s Theater project!

Choose your own adventure with this project :

Choice A- Choose a Reader's Theater play to share with another class. You can take turns reading the play via Skype or Google Hangout. Sign up to collaborate with another class.

Choice B- Choose your own adventure! This is similar to the "telephone game". After examining the first part of the play below, you will create your own adventure to complete the play! Record and share your play ending on the wikispace page.

Choice C- Record and share a play from the resources below! Post your play on the wikispaces page! We would love to see your talented actors and actresses!

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